Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bella Hadid's outfit for less

Hello everyone after more than 6 months. I wasn't active and i am so sorry for that. Bot, the past is behind us. Today, i have this casual spring outfit from Bella Hadid. The first thing you need is a black skirt. I chose this style of skirt that is really popular now. I have seen the Kardashians wearing it. Then you need some kind of black crop top. In the picture, Bella is wearing a sports bra, but with the elegant skirt you can wear a little bit non-casual crop top. If is cold outside, you can use a jacket, of course. I chose a bomber one, but you can get any type.For the shoes, Bella went with casual floral sneakers, and i found similar ones. For the accessories, she wears mini black bag and white sunglasses. So, here are the pieces that i chose for this outfit:

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