Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Selena Gomez outfit for less

If you are fan of jumpsuits,this Selena's outfit is perfect for you. Maybe it looks very elegant, but is very simple. All you need is, bluish/floralish/cute jumpsuit. I tied to find jumpsuit similar to Selena's, and this i found is almost the same. If you are wearing this outfit on chilly day, you must throw on a jacket. My recommendation is leather one. For shoes, you can chose black low heels. They are super comfortable and elegant. Also, you need some sunglasses to look cool.For bag, you can chose similar black bag. I am sure that you already have it in your closet. There you have, super comfortable,elegant and cool Selena's inspired outfit. One more good thing, you can buy this outfit for less. Here are the pieces that are similar to Selena's and they are cheaper:

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