Sunday, December 17, 2017

Taylor Hill's outfit for less

Hey, long time no see. It's christmas time and i am really feeling it so i decided to post something. Today we have a Taylor Hill outfit that i personly really like. It's simple but cute at the same time. First you need a pair of jeans, i guess you probably already have that. Then, a white shirt or blouse. I found this cropped one, but you can use the one you already have. Because it's cold we need few layers. First a jumper that is really comfortable then a nice and warm jacket. I love the combination of white, black and burgundy.For shoes, you can use whatever type of black boots. And, finally, for bag, you can use your black backpack or whichever bag you want. That is the finished look. You'll feel warm, comfortable and beautiful. These are the pieces i found:







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