Sunday, August 27, 2017

Shay Mitchell's outfit for less

Hello everyone. Long time, no talk. Right now i know it's back to school season and i also know this outfit is not very dress code appropriate, but you can easily make it. First of all, these pants are to die for. The belly,/flowy pants are so in now and i am loving them.Second, the top was the most similar one i could find, but it's super cute. Next, the shoes are the same sandal type Shay's. For accessories, i found some sunglasses that are pretty similar to Shay's and also are so cute. And lastly, i think the choker adds so much to the outfit and it completes it. If you want to make this outfit school appropriate, you can wear regular shirt with sleeves or just throw over a jacket. Also, if you don't want to wear heels that's totally cool; you can wear white sneakers. So, these are the pieces that i found for much cheaper than Shay's:






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